Book Journaling & Local Bookshops

Like most readers, I’ve used Goodreads to track my reading each year. I’ve done the Goodread challenge, picked how many books I wanted to tackle and loved seeing them add up over the year. However, this past year I found out that GR is owned by amazon and it made me so sad. I love independent book stores and the local book community. I thought about letting go of Goodreads sometime last year but I didn’t make the leap. And then, my beloved local indie bookstore closed down their original storefront. They’d opened a second location and it ended up closing down last month for a few various reasons. They had a huge sale for the few days after Christmas and I picked up a few gifts and a new planner. It was a bittersweet moment and as I thought about all the fun events and memories I made in that room, I realized that as much as I had supported my beloved bookstore over the last few years, it wasn’t enough. Obviously, I’m one person and I can’t change the book community all on my own, but little by little it all adds up. While I’m not making many new years resolutions, the one big one I am making is to support my local book community in every way possible.

Here are the few ways I’m doing that:

  • Purchasing gifts for my friends and love ones at my local bookstore – mostly books, but even if those I’m buying for aren’t huge readers, Avid has a great gift section and I’ll be able to find something for everyone.
  • Attending special events at Avid – which I have before, but I’m planning to be more intentional about it.
  • Boycotting amazon and other online retailers by not purchasing anything from them

While I’m still going to use Goodreads for the community aspect, I wanted to get hands on with my book tracking. So, instead of Goodreads as my primary source, I’m going back to the the paper reading journal. I’ve always been a pen and paper gal and I am actually a little bit sad I haven’t been doing this all along. Here’s how I’m tracking in my journal:

The first picture shows the Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge I’m doing this year and the bookshelf tracker from Everyday Reader that I’m using to track what type of book I’m reading (e-book,  audiobook, ARCS, library books, or books I own). I’ve got some pages set aside for books I want to read, books I’ve read, and books I want to own. I’ve also got several pages set aside for various book clubs so I can keep up with what each one is reading and when/where/what time. I’m genuinely looking forward to having all of this at my fingertips to look over at the end of the year.

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